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Specializing in providing those hard to get replacement parts for your Tanzer sailboat.

Whatever changes you’re hoping to make or goals you’re trying to achieve, I’ll provide you with sound advice and professional guidance every step of the way. Take a look at my site and see all that I can do for you today.


Last summer I was approached by William St-Denis, a Journalist from Tele-Quebec who was doing a video for “La Fabrique Culturelle”. He was doing a documentary on the sailing industry and the history of sailing in Quebec. He interviewed myself and a number of other people who provided insight into the sailing industry in Quebec with a highlight on Tanzer sailboats.  I am very honored and proud to have been considered and included in this documentary and I know that my father and mother would be proud of how it turned out. I would like to thank William and his team for the work done on this piece, I truly appreciate it. I hope everyone will enjoy watching this video and look forward to seeing some of you this spring and summer.




My father started making Tanzer Sailboats decades ago, and due to that I’ve been part of the Sailboat industry directly or indirectly for most of my life.

I believe in maintaining a positive mindset, creating partnerships with a purpose, and always striving for significant outcomes. When you work with me, you should expect a collaboration with transparency and consistency. Want to learn more? Contact me today for specialty parts only available exclusively through Tanzer Boat Parts for your Tanzer Sailboat or an enhancement for your Tanzer Sailboat, or a simple consultation or question that I can help get answered.


for your Tanzer model
(example partial lists only)

"Products pages are being added on a consistent basis so please check back and watch the top banner  to see any new links and products added"

I take the guesswork out of maintaining your Tanzer Sailboat by carrying original equipment or acceptable replacement parts. The following lists are only partial lists of parts and items that I have available, some items are in stock or are readily available to order and have shipped.  Other parts like Sails or Mainsail Covers or custom orders require a deposit and will be ordered as required. For any part or component please send me a message using the link below and I will be more than happy to provide you an estimate for your potential order. I take pride in offering special pricing for loyal Tanzer owners and captains..


Partial list, see drop down bar above for more products.

  • Sails: Mainsail, Jib, Genoa

  • Sheets: Mainsheet, Jib

  • Stays: Forestay with turnbuckle, Shrouds w/adjuster plates

  • Blocks: Mainsheet, Jib sheet

  • Halyards: Main & Jib wire Halyard and rope halyards (Rope Halyards come in white or with certain tracer colors)

  • Misc.: Hiking Strap, Reefing Kits,  etc..




Partial list, see drop down bar above for more products.

  • Sails: Mainsail, Jib, Genoa (Storm Jib to 150% Genoa), Furling Genoas, Racing Sails made from high performance sail cloth and materials.

  • Mainsail Covers - Large choice of Sunbrella colors available

  • Furlers from CDI

  • Sheets: Mainsheet, Jib/Genoa

  • Stays: Forestay with Turnbuckle, Upper & Lower Shrouds with Turnbuckles, Backstay (Std. or split) with Turnbuckle

  • Blocks: Mainsheet, Jib, Genoa (New Gen only), Spinnaker

  • Halyards: Main & Jib wire Halyards,  Rope Tails for Halyards (Rope Tails come in white, white w/Red, Green, Black or Blue tracer colors)

  • Woodwork: Orig. Ash/Mahogany Tillers & Extensions, Teak Handrails (Deck), Companionway Slides, Companionway Drop Boards (custom orders), Gudgeon Pads and more

  • Misc.: Spinnaker Kits (partial or complete)



Partial list, see drop down bar above for more products.

  • Tanzer Caps - White w/Blue Logo, Blue w/White Logo

  • Tanzer Polo Shirts - White or Blue with logos - Small to 5XL

  • Orig. Tanzer Decals, Gold with Black trim, for all models of Tanzer

  • Cockpit Locker Seals

  • Forward Hatch Seals

  • Pintles & Gudgeons (T22, T7.5, T26)

  • Genoa Tracks with Blocks (T22, T7.5, T26)

  • Port Window Replacement Kits, Pill Shaped (T22, T7.5, T26)

  • Opening Ports (replacement port)

  • Stanchion Bases and Posts

  • Nav. Lights - Anchor lights, Mast Lights, Running Lights...

  • Winches - Various sizes based on Tanzer Model

  • Masthead Sheaves (stock varies based on time of year)

  • Hardware: Shackles, Clevis Pins, Split Pins, SS Hardware


67 Rue Tony, Gatineau, Quebec, Canada, J8R 2S6

(873) 354-3375

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