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Tanzer 29 Std. Mainsail Standard, White, Two Reef lines
Mainsail is made with White 6.4oz. Premium Dacron and includes the following:

  • Sail Bag
  • 4 partial battens (partial/full battens or full battens also available)
  • Telltales at battens
  • Trademarked Tanzer logo with boat type (in this case “T29” each side)
  • Leech Lines
  • Standard Aluminum Headboard
  • Loose foot (boom fixed foot available on request)
  • Cunningham eye available on request for an additional cost
  • Due to the low volume of production of the T29, verification of the Luff and foot lengths will be required, a form will be provided to make this process easy.

Tanzer 29 Standard Mainsail - White - Two Reef lines

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